Rhode Island Lawyers for the Public Interest

Our Work

Our work is built on a unique approach to meeting community legal needs and training new lawyers.

What We Do

The Rhode Island Center for Justice is a non-profit public interest law center that partners with community groups to strengthen existing advocacy and service provision with legal representation and strategy.

The Model

The Center brings together new lawyers, supervising legal staff, community groups, mentoring attorneys, and law students to make legal protection a reality where need is greatest, including housing, immigration, workers’ rights, and education.

Community Partnerships

The Center for Justice is committed to lawyering in support of community organizing and collective action. We believe that social change is never accomplished through litigation alone. Rather, it is when the people affected by a problem are at the forefront of a movement that change can truly begin.

Current Programming

The Rhode Island Center for Justice has three areas of focus: wage justice, tenant rights, and utility termination. Our wage justice program provides legal support for workers who did not receive the benefits or wages to which they are entitled. Our tenants’ rights program helps Rhode Island residents understand their right to safe, habitable living conditions. Our utility justice work, known as the Lifeline Project, provides legal support to medically vulnerable households experiencing or at risk of, utility termination.


Your gift to the Center for Justice is essential to our mission of protecting the legal rights of vulnerable Rhode Islanders.